Selling your home can be stressful
Selling your home or condo can be a nerve wracking experience. And who wants more stress in their life? That’s where I come in. I’ve got this down. Done it hundreds of times.Allow me to take on this endeavor for you, utilize my knowledge and experience, and with the right mix of work ethic and temperament, sell your home for top dollar, and do it in a timely fashion.

About me
I started selling real estate in 2006 and quickly became an award winning, top producer. Prior to that I worked in a suit and tie in the corporate world specializing in marketing and product growth. Then started my own media company, sold it and got my real estate license. I believe it is my marketing background that has given me a competitive edge in Real Estate.

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Your selling experience starts by contacting me.

Let’s meet
…to get to know each other.
You can tell me your circumstances and expectations in selling your home.
I will tell you the best way to do it.
We will discuss your home, other homes for sale in the neighborhood,
timeline and marketing strategy.
I will perform an evaluation on the market price of your home.
Then, if you wish for me to represent you,
I will get to work on selling your home.

“Every listing I take I expect to sell in minimal time and for maximum
price. I will list, price and market your home with maximum effort and
service no different than if I were selling my own home.”

How my marketing plan compares to other Realtors
I am not a one plan fits all template Realtor.
Every home or condo has its own “must have” selling points.
I will use your home’s best attributes to outshine the competition.

How I will market your home
What I learned from my marketing background is how important it is to position your product (in this case your home) to stand out, separated from the competition.

So how will I market your home?
I won’t know until I meet with you, see your home, discover what it is about your home that will excite potential buyers, and exploit it to maximum return. We sell the sizzle to generate high interest to produce lot’s of showings…to get an offer, or offers.

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Your listing experience starts by contacting me.
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