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Put my 20 years of Marketing and Advertising experience to work for you!


A3900833_101_121.jpg     A3896457_101_121.jpg     A3901307_101_121.jpg picture by klanot
THE ENCLAVE / SOLD                                   EAST LAKE / SOLD                                       COVERED BRIDGE / SOLD          

A3897538_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A368059_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A371797_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     
GULF & BAY CLUB / SOLD                             LAUREL LAKES / SOLD                               SERENOA LAKES GOLF / SOLD         

A368277_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A373178_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A372935_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot
DEERFIELD / SOLD                                        THREE OAKS / SOLD                                    VENETIAN GOLF / SOLD         

A374719_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A358089_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A376773_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot
LAUREL LAKES / SOLD                                  STONERIDGE / SOLD                               LAUREL MEADOWS / SOLD         

A309997_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A305223_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A376779_701_121-1.jpg picture by klanot
VILLAGE WALK / SOLD                                  VILLAGE GREEN / SOLD                              GULF & BAY CLUB / SOLD         

A302443_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A315412_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot     A333437_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot
LAUREL LAKES / SOLD                                   PRAIRIE VIEW / SOLD                                   DEERFIELD / SOLD         

A321818_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot      A334693_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot      A363299_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot    
ASHWOOD / SOLD                                      DEER CREEK / SOLD                                   THREE OAKS / SOLD                                           

A352658_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot      A3893606_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot      A384848_101_121-1.jpg picture by klanot 
THE ENCLAVE / SOLD                                MCINTOSH LAKES / SOLD                             ASHLEY / SOLD      


2010a      2010b       2010c    
ISLAND REEF / SOLD                                   BARTON FARMS / SOLD                            RENAISSANCE PENTHOUSE / SOLD

2010d      2010e       2010f        
THREE OAKS / SOLD                                    STONEYBROOK / SOLD                               MCINTOSH LAKES / SOLD

2010G    2010H     2010I
FOXFIRE / SOLD                                           VENETIAN GOLF CLUB / SOLD                       LAUREL MEADOWS / SOLD


I won't just list your home...I'll Sell it! - Michael Klanot  

Michael Klanot of Sarasota, Florida
Michael Klanot
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